About the Fall Fest

The Futures Institute’s Fall Fest convenes people and ideas from all walks of life to discuss the implications artificial intelligence will have on the future of learning. Join K-12 and higher education leaders, ed tech companies, entrepreneurs, and investors at one of education’s fastest growing conferences.


Global AI Experts

Hear from Global Speakers on Artificial Intelligence in Education.

Network with Innovators

Network with educational leaders, ed tech companies and entrepreneurs, & investors.

Breakout Sessions And Topics

Breakout sessions are a combination of AI, AR, and VR topics and non- AI, AR, and VR topics. These sessions are designed to explore the relationship of Machine-human collaboration. Some sessions will focus on the machine while others will focus on the benefits of powering down these emerging technologies.

Our breakout sessions leverage a range of formats including panel discussions, product demonstrations, policy and research discussions, and working group sessions.


Spark Stage Speakers

Our Spark Stage showcases some of the most respected names in education and artificial intelligence. Designed for 20 minute talks that are engaging, provocative, futurist, informing, and interactive these national and international speakers represent diverse points of view on the future of learning. Past speakers have been best-selling authors, global innovators, ed tech leaders, and K-12 and higher education practitioners.

Additional speakers to be announced soon.


Day 1 – Sept 21

1:00PM CST

Co-hosted by
Viva City Tech

Session Topic To Be Announced

Day 2 – Sept 22

1:00PM CST

Co-hosted by
Girl in a jacket

Continuity Rules

As an emergency response, educators made a shift to distance learning almost overnight with mitigated success: all over the country, districts report participation rates in distance learning to be as low as 50%. Meanwhile, engagement with video games is at an all-time high. Together, we’ll explore why focusing on motivation and behavior is critical to student success this school year and how having a gamified data-driven approach like Classcraft can help achieve these goals. 

Day 3 – Sept 23

1:00PM CST

Co-hosted by
21st Cent Ed

Marlon Lindsay

How Virtual STEM Learning Can Solve Long-term Equity Issues During The Pandemic And Beyond

Join 21st Cent Ed, A Virtual STEM and CTE Academy powered by TechTrep, to see how.

We have experienced a cosmic shift of lifestyle and routine in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies everywhere are struggling and will continue to struggle to stay afloat. And because of that, the need to cut costs will be greater than ever.

For many businesses, efforts to improve and advance automation have been ramped up significantly in response to the COVID-19 crisis due to the fact that employees have been unavailable to work in those same roles.

And now that these companies are seeing the cost-saving benefits of automation, it’s hard to imagine that they will simply roll back into a human-dominant work style.

Schools must have the same urgency in creating STEM opportunities for students as companies have in eliminating opportunities to be shut down again. For companies this invariably involves leveraging AI, robotics, automation, IoT, and other emerging technologies. Our students must be prepared for a post-COVID-19 technocentric world. The best way to reach the most kids is through a Virtual STEM Academy and Virtual STEM Camps that can be accessed in-school, after-school, and out-of-school. We will discuss how and what’s working.

Day 4 – Sept 24

1:00PM CST

Co-hosted by
21st Cent Ed

Filling in the Gaps of Hybrid Learning with a Strong SEL Approach

BellXcel, a national nonprofit, helps school district partners to design, deliver, and monitor supplemental learning solutions. This year, facing extended and rolling school closures and significant learning loss, more than 17,000 scholars participated in BellXcel-powered Remote and in person summer learning programs with great results. As an example, Scholars in Montgomery, AL were able to achieve 3+ months gains in both ELA and Math.