About the Institute

The Futures Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting leaders in tackling issues pertaining to the evolving role artificial intelligence plays in education. The Institute is an ecosystem of K-12 and Higher Education Leaders, Business Leaders, Foundations, Investors and Ed Tech Startups in AI.

Mission (What we are attempting to accomplish)

The Futures Institute defines and influences what role artificial intelligence and machine-human collaboration plays in the future of learning.

Strategy (How we win)

The Futures Institute intends to make sense of AI in education, organize it, develop standards for it, and form policies and best practices around it.

Values (Foundation of our beliefs)

Ambitious visioning

What We Do

Conferences and Events

The Institute hosts an annual Fall conference, called The Futures Fest for AI in Education. This conference is open to members and non-members of the Institute and is streamed live through our Futures Fest APP. In preparation for our Futures Fest, the Institute curates and carefully selects ideas and people from all walks of life committed to how humans learn and what role machines and AI plays in the future learning.
The Institute also hosts a Spring Summit, an AI conference + working group committed to crafting policy positions and developing standards for AI in education.

Seminars and Webinars

Our seminars and webinars are small gatherings where experts on AI and our member leaders connect, reflect, and share ideas on the future of AI in education.

Research and Advocacy

The Institute promotes, sponsors, and publishes research on AI’s use in education and advocates at the federal and state levels on the implications AI will have in education. We partner with some of the most respected names in the industry to develop, refine, and distribute our research.

Leadership Initiatives

The Institute is developing a new Leadership Initiative where leaders participate in a full year program designed to explore their core values on AI’s use in education and drive action in their school districts and communities for reimagining the en-tire student experience.