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TFI Leaders are forward-thinking, nationally-recognized education, civic, and business leaders focused on their impact in the long-term. They understand the dangers of short-termism and are able to see the bigger picture of their policies and practices and how they translate in future decades. Their voices are among the leading authorities that help shape American education, community engagement, and business innovation in both policy and practice.

Benefits of becoming a TFI Leader and Membership into a Society
  • Network with like-minded leaders across the United States
  • Our Global Scope brings world-renowned experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and personalized learning to you through Spark our cutting-edge lunch talks
  • Turn insights into action by affecting Policy Briefs published by The Futures Institute
  • Connect with corporate partners and gain strategic insight into their products and services
  • Leverage the potential Buying Power with an alliance of decision-makers within our societies
The Futures Institute has four distinct Societies. The premier leadership network.
  • The Society of Superintendents
  • The Society of Chief Academic Officers and Curriculum Directors
  • The Society of Chief Technology Officers and Technology Directors
  • The Society of Civic Leaders

Selected Leaders will be invited into one of the four Societies and will receive a full scholarship for travel and accommodations to and from the Institute.

Membership Application
To apply for membership, please complete the following form.

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