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The Futures Institute is a non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting leaders in value-based decision-making that will shape policies, practices, products, and services in future decades. Through the exchange of bold ideas education, civic, and business leaders will discuss issues pertaining to the future of learning and community on a broad range of futures-based topics. We intentionally bring together education, business, and civic leaders with the goal to impact collaboration and decision-making on complex local problems.

Vision (Why we exist) Global Insights, local impact.

Mission (What we are attempting to accomplish)
To become the most prominent think tank at the intersection of education, civic, and business leadership for accelerating the conversation about the future of education and community.

Strategy (How we win)
Translate bold ideas into advocacy and opinion specifically created to affect local policy and action

Values (Foundation of our beliefs)
Ambitious visioning

Board of Directors

    Norman “Stormin” Oliver

      Dr Mike Walls

        Dr Shawn K Smith

          Dr Brenda Tanner

            Damion Ortega


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